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An Alien Incursion 5
An Alien Incursion 5
12/24/2014 12:15:04 PM
An Alien Incurion - The American Federated States Space Forces are finally ready to meet the enemy, but this time they will be require to land on their foe’s fortified position. The confrontation will pit humans and their allies against the Cheeb’Arr that dwell within the Alpha Centauri system. But will they be strong enough to eliminate the threat to Earth and all of its inhabitants before the enemy reinforces its position?
Lieutenant Colonel Myles Webb of the Shee’Marr Command has tangled with the enemy before, but even he doesn’t know if they have what it takes to beat the bug-like enemy. An enemy that can survive in many environments, especially those that would easily kill a human being. But he and the Hee’Umana also have with them the bulk of the human fleet—the Terran Battle Fleet. He can only hope that’s enough.
There is only one way to find out and that is by throwing themselves into the heart of the enemy—where bone, flesh, and blood meet metal and only the strong survive…
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